Here are Best Waterproof Smartphone in the market.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony has been touting waterproofing as one of the main features of its flagship Xperia series of smartphones. The newest and current flagship also carries on the tradition.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s current flagship smartphone hasn’t really been breaking sales records like some of its predecessors, but the phone is still one of the best water resistant smartphones that you can get. It can survive under a meter of water for 30 minutes.

Sony Xperia Z1

The Z1 belongs to the last generation of smartphones, but it was one of the best from that generation. It has the Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm and is a performance beast.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

As the name suggests, this is a smaller version of the Xperia Z1. If you’re not a fan of big screens then this is one of the best smartphones you can buy. The fact that it is waterproof makes the decision to buy it easier.

Sony Xperia Z

This is the phone that brought the waterproof feature to Sony’s Xperia series. It is two generations old, but has already received the Android KitKat update.

Sony Xperia ZR

It is a very good phone to buy, especially with the reduced price tag now. It belongs to the older generation of smartphones, but the newest KitKat update is coming to it, making it a good buy.

Moto G

Motorola’s bestselling smartphone is not exactly waterproof, but it has nano coating inside, which makes it water resistant. It’s not enough to take a swim with it, but it can afford to get a little wet.

HTC One (M8)

Even though HTC has never said so, some online reports have said that the phone is water resistant. The phone is HTC's current flagship smartphone and has an aluminium body along with the Snapdragon 801 quad core processor and HTC's duo-cameras.

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